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Chemical and Biological Systems Engineering Laboratory

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LakshmiNarayanan Lakshmanan

Sridharan Srinath

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
4 Engineering Drive 4 Block E5 #B-05
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117576
Tel:+65 6516 7859

I work in the Gunawan lab at National University of Singapore.


Research Interests

Stochastic Modeling of Mitochondrial Mutagenesis

Mitochondrial DNA deletions involve a loss of a particular fragment of mitochondrial DNA and consequently results in impaired protein synthesis. There are two factors which characterize the mitochondrial DNA deletions; a) the deletion spectrum, referring to the scenario where cells can harbor more than one type of deletions. The spectrum characterizes the breakpoints of different deleted molecules present in the cell; b) the mutation load represents the percentage of different deleted molecules compared to the wild-type mtDNA. A complete measurement of the total mutation load is necessary to study the physiological impact of mtDNA deletions on aging and age related pathologies.

Currently due to experimental limitations it is not possible to characterize the full deletion spectrum experimentally. Also the mechanism of formation and accumulation of deletions is not well understood. Our group’s interest is in understanding of the basic mechanism and dynamics of deletion (spectrum) formation using stochastic models. Different factors hypothesized (in literature) to play a role in formation of deletions are systematically analyzed and used to characterize the deletion spectrum in different model organisms. Based on these factors, the in silico spectrum will be simulated using stochastic models and compared with experimental observations of different model organisms. This comprehensive model will then be further used to test different hypothesis suggested in the field of mitochondrial mutagenesis and also will be used to study the mutagenesis process under different physiological conditions such as skeletal muscle exercise adaptation, mitochondrial myopathies and age related processes such as Sarcopenia.

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